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  • Crisis Number: 919-636-7758

Our Inspirations

Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment Education, LLC. was established in the spring of 2006 by L.P. Hinton. After experiencing first-hand, the difficulties parents face while trying to receive services for a family member, the Hinton’s decided to create a provider agency that would truly advocate for special needs families.

Based on the principle that every consumer has the potential for growth and success, the family decided to utilize an approach that includes the whole community. As a provider agency, Caring Hands informs families of new developments in special education services regularly. Whether they receive traditional support through the I/DD Waiver Program or assistance in obtaining other services to address client needs, including equipment, education, and care, Caring Hands ensures that their clients have all they need to maximize their growth potential.

Caring Hands Team

Joy Hinton

Chief Financial Officer

Leah Sisco

Director of Operations

Lisa Rowells

Administrative Assistant
Associate Professional

Mrs. Lucia P. Hinton

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandria Pharr

Lead Qualified Professional/Clinical Technician

Kendra Bellamy

Human Resources Specialist

Tamikka  Hinton

Executive Director 

Mrs. Patricia Gainey

Residential Manager Supervisor

Amiracle Clark


Every Individual Has the Potential for Growth and Success!

We are part of a coordinated network of community services and supports organized to meet the challenges of all individuals with serious emotional disturbances, known as the System of Care in North Carolina. We recognize the importance of family, school, and community and promote each child’s full potential by addressing physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and social needs.